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Hi folks! We are a happy couple from Belgium, who decided to leave our cozy home in Antwerp in favor of discovering the magic of faraway lands. Our thirst for adventure calls to us and we are always looking for new interesting places to visit.

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Travel Hacks Learned from a Full Time Online Gambler

Being in the same space as fellow travellers is perhaps the biggest reward of choosing to explore one’s desire to just jump on the plane and make it happen as far as seeing as much of the world as possible. Beyond the “Where are you from?” pleasantries which have become somewhat of a formality, things can get really deep, really fast. You learn so much about the similarities you indicatively have with people who come from totally different parts of the world, but more importantly, you learn about the many different ways to solve common life problems you all have.

In recent months, we rolled with a full-time online gambler (click here for a similar example), who had a lot to impart from his online gambling experiences. Some of those lessons weren’t even shared directly; we were required to read between the lines.

Timing is important

Just as timing is perhaps the ultimate factor to consider when a pro gambler is going about their exploits of putting down some money or sitting it out, timing is important in the travel industry. Visit Thailand during September for example and you’ll enjoy prices for pretty much everything related to tourism that are up to three times less than the prices for the same things in November to around the end of February.

Having fun doesn’t have to equate to spending money

Our pro gambler travel buddy actually enjoys his gambling exploits, with one of his favorite games being that of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, but his ultimate favorite games are those slots that have some familiar themes. This proves that having fun doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, and in fact, in this instance, he actually earns money while enjoying himself. If you have been thinking about doing this yourself to earn a little extra cash, then you may want to read this article to see what else you can do online.

You might perhaps turn to travel vlogging/blogging as a means through which to enjoy yourself while earning money or limiting your spending. You can also think about dipping your toe into an Ether Wallet to earn Bitcoin that can help earn money.

Things are better and cheaper done in groups

This is a no-brainer – you get bigger discounts signing up to online gaming platforms as group of people as opposed just one player, in the same way that group travel sites offer much better per-person rates for larger groups.

Location matters – make it count

As a result of regional local laws which can sometimes hinder the income-earning streams of someone like a full-time online gambler who also likes to travel, some of the best resources you might be accustomed to using as a traveller may only be available in a specific location. In the case of our online gambler travel buddy, he was always rather pained to have to forego using his favourite online casino to place his bets and subsequently implement his strategies to get some money, Novibet, when in a country such as China where all forms of gambling are banned. We won’t get into the discussion of using proxy servers and VPNs – the lesson is that you should make it count when you’re in a location which is favourable to a specific aspect of your travels.

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