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Top Reasons to Visit Africa

Every year, there are more than 30 million visitors that visit Africa – and there are a lot of reasons why there are this many people who choose Africa as their destination.

Africa is famous for its safari adventures and wildlife. This huge paradise is home to a vast variety of species of plants and animals, which made its way to being the world’s top must-visit location for safari adventures.

Africa, being a huge continent, makes it difficult for tourists to pick which part of the land they should visit. But the most preferred places to visit are East Africa, Central Africa, and South Africa, popular with guests from places like the United Kingdom, USA, France, Portugal, and Germany. You too can begin planning  your adventure to the top safari destination in the world.

East Africa

East Africa is home to the greatest concentrations and variety of large mammals in the world. And you can explore its top destinations like the following:

  • Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park – Well-known for the migration of the Serengeti wildebeests, this is the key reason why Tanzania and Kenya are known as a popular safari destination. You can witness the migration of wildebeests alongside different animal species who pass through Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park the home of Mount Kilimanjaro- The highest mountain in Africa. There are many things to do here apart from summiting the mountain. You also get to witness the Kibo Peak, the Shira Plateau, the Chala Crater Lake, the rich culture of Olpopongi, and more.
  • Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area – Famous for its Big 5: white/black rhinos, African lion, elephant, African leopard, and Cape buffalo. You can experience anNgorongoro Crater tour, hike the Empakaai Crater, explore the historic Olduvai Gorge, and frequent the unspoiled Gol Mountains.

Central Africa

The Central African Republic is most likely the richest part of the world in terms of natural beauty and wildlife diversity. Although it’s the poorest in terms of economy, it can also offer you the following and more:

Southern Africa

Many travelers consider Southern Africa as their favorite part of the continent, and here are probable reasons why:

  • Chobe National Park –The biggest population of elephants, roughly 70,000, can be found in this park. Chobe National Park is in the middle of the Okavango Delta and the Chobe River which is located in Botswana, specifically, its north-eastern part.
  • Etosha National Park – Found in the northern dry part of Namibia, famous for the threatened population of black rhinoceros. Salt pans and flamingos can also be found here.
  • Kruger National Park – Famous for its vast assortment of animals plus its advanced methods and strategies for managing the environment.

These are just some of the places to visit in Africa. Indeed, they are natural sanctuaries that you should explore and embrace.

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