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Top Boating Destinations Around The World

The fast pace of the world has made it fairly common to envision the family’s summer vacation beginning with a quick flight to the chosen destination, and too often, the planes, trains, and automobiles cause us to overlook the possibility of a trip on the water.  After all, the best yacht charter available doesn’t exactly advertise its services via the regular channels which target ‘regular’ travelers, does it? You won’t see an ad on the Travel Channel, for instance.

Boating and sailing may take a bit longer, but the vacation is the journey.  Explore a different side of this planet we call home and build memories with the waters.  Check out these top boating destinations around the world before planning the family’s next big journey.

Florida hosts an array of hot spots

St. Augustine is America’s oldest city, and its historical beauty is unmatched.  Not only is St. Augustine old, but it plays host to the Castillo de San Marcos.  Castillo de San Marcos was built as a fortress for the Spanish in 1672 and now serves as a historic landmark and tourist attraction.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a hotspot for those who like to travel the canals in style.  The city is one of the most affluent port cities in America and home to one of the largest populations of yachts in the nation.

Finally, Jacksonville is host to the state’s busiest interior waterway with the St. Johns River.  The waterway offers top-notch marinas, aptly stocked supply stores, and the best selection of hotels for weary travelers.  There is ample opportunity for fishing, wave surfing, and other popular water sports.

Vietnam is the misty gem of Earth’s waterways

Halong Bay in Vietnam is a large group of over 3,000 small, limestone islands that provide a home for a plethora of different species of wildlife and several serene beaches.  The wind and waves have beat the coasts of the tiny islands for so long that they have created a maze of natural grottoes, and the wooded areas of the land ring triumphantly with the sound of nature’s creations.

The experience of boating down the emerald waterways of the Halong Bay is somewhat of an unconventional experience that should be enjoyed by all who love to get nautical on vacation.  The Bai Chay Tourist Wharf has more than 300 boats daily waiting to show travelers their piece of the world.

Australia’s Franklin River is not for the faint of heart

For a unique experience on the water, try rubber-rafting down the Franklin River in the Tasmanian wilderness.  The isolated area is only opened to the public for four months out of each year; December, January, February, and March.

A trip down the river will require up to two weeks, and only the most experienced rafters are cleared to take on the challenge.  Attempting a river run like Franklin without ample experience would probably not end very well.

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