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Hi folks! We are a happy couple from Belgium, who decided to leave our cozy home in Antwerp in favor of discovering the magic of faraway lands. Our thirst for adventure calls to us and we are always looking for new interesting places to visit.

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The Six Reasons To Pack Light

Packing properly is one of the most important travel skills. Seasoned travelers agree that packing the right way is vital to having a good journey. 

As it turns out, the biggest key to packing well is taking less. Here are six reasons to always pack light when traveling.

1. Easier travel. Large, heavy bags are a pain. Carrying a lot of weight is tiring, both mentally and physically. Bringing too much stuff on your journey is a sure way to send your stress levels through the roof. Managing multiple large bags for an extended period is just no fun. You don’t want to make your journey a bad experience for no good reason.

2. Greater convenience flying. If you cut down how much you pack far enough, you will be able to pack everything you are bringing in a carry-on bag. With this strategy, you won’t need to worry about lost luggage, nor will you have to wait at your destination airport baggage claim to pick up your luggage again. 

If you’re going on safari, this is especially important. A safari in the Kruger National Park, for example, is very popular. Your luggage must be packed in a soft tog or duffel bag and limited to 12 kg if you are flying into your safari destination. You should also bring a daypack with you to carry any essentials you may require while on safari.

3. Less to account for. The less you take with you, the easier it will be to account for all the items you’ve brought. You won’t have to spend a lot of time making sure you have everything with you before departing for another destination. Having too much stuff is ultimately a psychological burden. The less you bring, the more you can focus on the actual experience of traveling.

4. More room for souvenirs. Buying souvenirs to remember your trip by or as gifts for others can be one of the best parts of traveling — but may be difficult if you pack too much. If your bags are too heavy or have no extra room, picking up souvenirs may be tricky or impossible.

5. Less to lose. Regrettably, whether because of theft or simple forgetfulness, lost items are a fact of life when traveling. The more you pack, the more you have to potentially lose. Bringing along a lot of precious or expensive items is just not smart. Simple, functional, low-cost items are best for travel.

6. You don’t actually need all that much. The dirty secret of over-packing is that besides the downsides, it has hardly any benefits to its credit. Past the essentials, each item you might bring has a lower and lower chance of actually being needed. Plus, if it turns out you really need something you left at home, you will probably be able to buy a replacement locally anyway.

There’s no doubt that packing light can be a challenge. You may face difficult choices as to which items to add to your suitcase, and which to leave at home. Nonetheless, packing light is well worth doing — and that item you agonized about leaving out probably won’t cross your mind all trip long anyway.

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