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The best spots on the UK Coast to go fishing.

With the sun up in the cloudless sky, a large tree right near you to act as a shade, and the perfect set of tunes to help keep you relaxed throughout the day – for many, these are the ideal conditions for a peaceful day of fishing. Still, what’s a good fishing day without any fish, right? You can sit on a spot for the entire day, but you might not get a bite, let alone a nibble. That’s why it is also important to know about the best times to fish, so you have more chance of success.

But then again, that’s a fishing experience we all know and love, but occasionally we get bored of fishing in the same spots over and over, perhaps the fish know your tricks and stay away! What you need is something fresh, and where fresher to look than the waters of the UK. Moreover, it may be necessary to search for a fishing calendar (from sites like Catchingtimes.com) so that you can catch different types of fish. A fishing calendar might help you find out when it is the best time to fish, resulting in more catches. As well, here are some ideal spots on the coast of the UK for fishing, whether you’re an American or a local looking for a new twist on your favorite hobby.

When you head to the right fishing spot with the correct sets of lures (see this website for offers in case you don’t) you can maximize your fishing time in the UK. Who knows, you might even land one that can break records.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fishing spots on the UK Coast.

Catch Fine Mackerel at Babbacombe Pier

If you’re in the South West portion of the UK, then you can head to the Babbacombe Pier, especially if you’re looking for quality mackerel. The pier is also home to a broad range of other species, such as garfish and Pollock.

Use baits set just below the surface if you’re aiming for garfish. Catching mackerel requires the bait further lower than what you’re using for garfish.

You can also use lures that barely scrape the bottom to find other species, such as pouting, school bass, dogfish, and whiting. Expect to catch plenty of school bass during the summer season.

However, because the pier is such a favorite fishing spot, expect plenty of competition from other anglers. It can even become quite crowded during peak fishing seasons.

Seasonal Fishing at the Herne Bay

South Eastern fishing in the UK calls for a trip to Herne Bay. Here, you’ll get to see silver eels and flounders caught from shore marks and estuary. During the summer, bass also flocks here just waiting to get captured by your line.

Summertime also attracts other species near the bay area, which includes dogfish and different types of rays. Cod and whiting can also make an appearance during the summer season so prepare your line and tackle box accordingly.

If you want to go fishing even during the cold winter season, then heading down to the Herne Bay area can let you catch squid and lugworms. School bass, peeler crabs, ragworms, and silver eels can be captured in this location all year round.

Prep Your Lures and Spinners in the Craster Coast

The harbor area at the Coast of Craster is an excellent spot for fishing coalfish and mackerel. Cod and other species can be caught all-year-round when you head to the outer pier.

Lesser spotted dogfish can be seen swimming about the rock marks found along the coast. The coast area is also home to large conger eels, and it is a rare species native only to the North East part of England. These eels are very hungry for tackle so bring plenty of weights in your lure and tackle box.

Many fishing enthusiasts recommend Total Fishing Tackle fishing gear as the fishing equipment offered have a higher quality than most. You might even want to get your tackles and reels from this shop. Also, don’t forget to bring your heavy rods and reels to land the big ones.

Other Great Fishing Spots Around the UK Coast

The UK Coast is home to plenty of fishing spots and species. If you’re planning on visiting several of these areas, then you can also add the Cardiff Bay at Wales, Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, and the Dunnet Beach in Thurso at the East Coast of Scotland as part of your travels.

Who knows, you might even land a big one that’s going to be the talk of the town for quite some time.

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