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The Best Places to Work Abroad

So, you’re thinking about taking part in a gap year and are now looking at your options for what to do during your educational break. Maybe you want to slum it and relax for the first time since you were in the womb, maybe you want to party all over the world, maybe you want to volunteer at an orphanage, or maybe you want to work your way across the world.

So many people take a year to discover themselves and broaden their horizons by assimilating themselves into different countries – hundreds of young people take temporary visas across the world to sample a taste of pastures new.

When you partake in a temporary work position overseas, you’re going to need the appropriate work visa. However, if the call of the wild draws you to a conclusion that you want to have a more permanent solution, you’re going to need an immigration lawyer. A lawyer like Joshua L. Goldstein, who is based in LA and does amazing work with immigration law.

So, without further ado, whether you’re looking for a gap year temporary position or something a bit more permanent, here are the very best places to do so.


Not just the land of the kangaroos, koalas and didgeridoos, Australia offers fantastic opportunities for young workers – both skilled and entry level. Remember, when looking for a job in Australia, it is important to have the correct work visa before you move. Employers usually ensure that the people they employ are allowed to legally work there, through a vevo check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).

Many young people take very basic jobs out in Australia if they are there temporarily, working on farms and in fields tends to be the way that most people go. Which isn’t for everyone, as the hours are long and the work hard, but the time off you’ll have here is going to be some of the best you’ll experience.


Dubai is not for the faint hearted. You’ll need to be strong and resilient to survive in a place like Dubai, but the rewards will be bountiful. Payment in Dubai is likely to be higher than most that you’ll get doing a menial job abroad, even shop assistants can enjoy a salary that most back home would be envious of. Who knows, you might even save up enough money to be able to buy villa or other residential properties and stay there permanently.

Dubai is a place of decadence and extravagance so, while the country is predominantly Muslim and you should be respectful of that, there will be parties and celebrations like no other.

South Africa

If you want a specialist kind of job abroad, you should definitely take a look into South Africa doing something that the country is famous for – safari!

There are plenty of options for becoming a trainee ranger, but be prepared to shovel a lot, ahem, crap as an entry level ranger. But you’ll learn a lot along the way and will have a blast doing it. There’s really nothing quite like the literal call of the wild to captivate your heart and give you a real thriller of a gap year story to tell.

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