Yo! We are Cloe and Bernard Van De Velde

Hi folks! We are a happy couple from Belgium, who decided to leave our cozy home in Antwerp in favor of discovering the magic of faraway lands. Our thirst for adventure calls to us and we are always looking for new interesting places to visit.

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Prep Yourself and Your Vehicles In Advance for Your Next Vacation

If you’re planning on heading out on vacation soon, be sure to prepare yourself and your vehicles to get everything ready to go. If you’re travelling by truck, for example, you may want to make sure that you have a cover for your track (like this https://www.peragon.com/shop/covers/Honda/Ridgeline) to make sure that whatever you pack will be safe, secure, and protected from the weather while you are en route to your destination. And, of course, you should always make sure your vehicle is ok to drive. Don’t hold off on doing these safety checks until right before you’re going to leave, because there may be some delay in your ability to perform some maintenance tasks or gathers some of the necessary materials.

So start getting on it now! Check fluid levels in whatever vehicles you’re taking on vacation. Brush up on your defensive driving techniques, because you don’t want any accidents to be your fault while you’re traveling. Buy a car safety kit and learn how to use all of the equipment and materials inside of it. And, figure out in advance your map, your GPS route, and any other information you need regarding directional instructions.

Check the Fluid Levels

One of the most straightforward steps that you can take to make sure that your vehicle is ready for your next vacation is to check all of the fluid levels. You should be doing this every few weeks or every month anyway, but it is especially important right before you’re going a long distance. You don’t need to break down on the road because you didn’t check your oil! Don’t need to run into an emergency because you didn’t refill your windshield wiper fluid.

Brush Up on Defensive Driving Techniques

On a personal level, be sure to brush up on defensive driving techniques before you hit the road. You don’t want to be the person at fault if you get in an accident, especially if you’re driving in an unfamiliar place. Even driving a few hours out of your home state, you may not know how traffic flow works, which means you have to be particularly careful about speeding, tailgating, and watching out for other drivers.

Get a Car Safety Kit

Another good idea is that before you go on your next journey, put together a car safety kit. It will contain the bare essentials for first-aid in the event of a small accident. It will also include things like road flares, tire patches, or small traffic cones to put around your car if you have to pull over and do something like changing a tire out.

Get Your Directions Ready

Finally, it’s essential when you’re traveling to know where you’re going! Maybe you want to use a map as your primary way of following directions. Perhaps you have GPS installed in your car. Or maybe you are going to use an app on your phone to give you turn-by-turn directions. Whatever your choice, make sure you set it up before you go so that you’re not fiddling with knobs or otherwise being distracted as you’re driving.

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