You will find countless must-have travel gadget list online, mostly packed with the latest technology, however, as a seasoned traveller, I must stress two points: comfort and connectivity. It’s imperative to choose gadgets that will make your trip more comfortable and will allow you to remain connected with your loved ones.

The gadgets I am listing here serve those two purposes, have a look and be convinced!


  • Comfortable Shoes: This may seem rather silly but if you’ve spent as many hours traipsing around the world as I have, you know what I am talking about. Comfortable footwear is absolutely essential for the enjoyment of your trip. Choose runners or walking boots, depending on the weather and always pack away a decent pair of flip flops for beach days.
  • All-Weather Clothing:If you go into a good sports fashion store you will find light coats that will protect from harsh or hot weather. Of late, I have also invested in a sun/insect repellent shirt and it has saved me a fortune on sun lotion and insect repellant.
  • Travel Pillows: I just couldn’t do without my beloved travel pillow for long flights and endless hours of waiting at train stations, airports and bus stops. Inflatable travel pillows are great and won’t fill your suitcase. There are many options though when it comes to buying one, so make sure to research into the best travel neck pillows before you buy one.
  • Blanket: I wouldn’t go anywhere without my little blanket. The quality of my sleep regardless of whether I spend a night at a posh hotel or run-down hostel is much-improved thanks to my ever-trusted blanket. It’s small and light and ever so snuggly!
  • Foam Roller: I don’t know about you, but for me, any travel involves a lot of walking around, sitting in awkward positions for prolonged periods, and sleeping in random beds. This can really take a toll on the body. In order to keep limber and flexible throughout the travel, a roller is a great idea. Additionally, one can have improved recovery, sleep and health with blackroll rollers or similar products, as they are tools used in physical therapy. Needless to say, a must-have travel piece.
  • Inflatable Air Loungers: Inflatable air loungers have grown in popularity and are one of the best inventions ever. You simply open the end, allow the air to fill it, roll up the end and hey, presto, you have the most comfortable bed-sofa. Air loungers are extremely light and can be used pretty much anywhere.


Needless to say, these days, everyone travels with a smartphone to connect with family and friends throughout their trip. I would be completely lost without my phone and guard it like a hawk. Along with smartphones, there are a number of must-have items that you need for a trip:

  • Weatherproof Phone-Case: This is most definitely one of the absolute must-haves. There is nothing worse than a cracked screen or water-logged phone and you can save yourself a heap of trouble by investing in one of the extra-sturdy all-encasing phone cases.
  • iPad: An iPad can be a great tool when traveling. It can be used to access maps and navigation, stay in touch with family and friends, download movies and books for entertainment, and take photos and videos of your travels. It is also a great way to stay organized with all your travel plans, tickets, and itineraries. Before going on a trip, make sure to check your iPad is working properly. If there are any issues with it, you may need to visit a tablet professional who can Fix iPad.
  • Portable Phone Charger: Make sure to invest in a good quality portable phone charger. In all likelihood, your battery will run empty on top of a mountain with not a socket in sight and that’s when portable chargers will get you out of trouble. Power and quality vary greatly and it’s important to opt for high-end portable chargers.
  • Ear Plugs and Noise-Canceling Headphones: There is nothing quite as annoying as someone’s snoring or other random noise when you are trying to get some sleep. I get particularly cranky. Thankfully, with decent earplugs, I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Noise-canceling headphones are also worth the investment, as long as you don’t mind having to guard another gadget.
  • Universal Adaptor: Gone are the days of carrying a whole load of different adaptors! Today’s universal adaptors allow you to plug in anything anywhere.

Other Must Haves

There are a few other items, I wouldn’t travel without:

  • Water Purifier Bottle: Depending on your destination, potable water may be in short supply. There are a number of water purifier bottles on the market that will decontaminate almost all water within minutes. You may save yourself from countless tummy bugs by investing in one of these.
  • Sun-Powered Inflatable Lights: I love anything inflatable as it can be just neatly stashed away. A sun-powered inflatable light provides hours of brightness on camping trips and extended hikes.
  • Belt-Bag: A must for all your personal documents, wallet and cards. It’ worth investing in a decent belt-bag that will last. Safety is obviously paramount to the enjoyment of your trip and a belt-bag just lets you tuck away your passport and wallet safely.
  • First-Aid Kit: Be sure to bring painkillers, antihistamines, bandages and all the other stuff that goes into a first-aid kit.
  • Personal Belongings Bag: I have a small carry-on bag that has travelled the world with me. At this stage, I am really attached to it, have lots of funny little mementoes in it and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

Before you pack your bag, get yourself a list of essentials and tick off each item as you pack. After a few trips, you’ll have packing down to a fine art and can just concentrate on getting the most enjoyment out of your trip.