Yo! We are Cloe and Bernard Van De Velde

Hi folks! We are a happy couple from Belgium, who decided to leave our cozy home in Antwerp in favor of discovering the magic of faraway lands. Our thirst for adventure calls to us and we are always looking for new interesting places to visit.

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Looking for Permanent Inspiration Via Vacations or Travel Excursions

A lot of what you do and see on vacations is going to be temporary. Temporary things that you see. Temporary things that you eat. Temporary activities that you participated in. But, if you want to add to your traveling experience, why not look for pieces of information that could have a permanent impact on your life?

Think of some examples. Maybe you find the perfect house when you are out on vacation. Also, if you’re rolling around being a tourist, you can take photos of various designs that you want to incorporate into your life back home. You can pay attention to the way that some buildings have their landscaping laid out, thereby getting some ideas to improve your curb appeal, by creating a fresh new garden landscape, or looking into stone hardscapes to add something more to your home. Or, you can just sit back and absorb the overall energy of a place while you’re out on a journey, and decide if you want to change your habits or environment to more closely match this ideal.

Finding the Perfect House

When you’re looking for homes for sale, you’re always looking for perfection. Now, you can make this perfection a permanent reality by actually purchasing a house when you find it. Otherwise, you can still attempt to create some temporary result from this influence by making the environment you already live in more like an environment that you desire.

Taking Photos of Designs

If you’re thinking about making some permanent changes to your home back at your point of origin, you should take some photos of spectacular designs while you’re out traveling. If you’re going to someplace that is known for having beautiful architecture, going for a walk and taking some snapshots can lead you to make permanent decisions about design elements you want to play with in the future. Or you might simply be exploring the neighbourhoods around your accommodation and notice a driveway that you like that you may ask one of the local Lynchburg paving companies to recreate for your own home.

Checking Out Landscaping

Some concepts concerning landscaping are temporary, while others are definitely more permanent. Find here my gym children’s fitness center la jolla. For example, if you like what you see as far as how trees or bushes are planted at your vacation destination, you can find out what it would take to do that same thing around your home. Even if you don’t have access to the same kinds of plants necessarily, at least the arrangement and layout might pique your interest.

Feeling Overall Energy Levels

One of the reasons that people will often go on vacation is to do some escaping. But, you don’t have to make that feeling of escape something that goes away when you go back home. Instead, really think about the overall energy that you feel when you’re at your destination. Is it relaxed and peaceful? Is it active and energetic? Decide what an environment means to you, and then think of some ways that you could push for that feeling back where you live.

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