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Items You Must Pack When Your Dog Is Traveling With You

You’re going on a trip, and your dog is going with you. Your dog is excited! So are you, but leaving your furry family member is certainly difficult and a little worrisome, while taking them along means you get to keep an eye on them and take care of them at all times, so the latter seems better for everyone involved. Just like you have your travel essentials on a checklist, so does your dog (but you need to make the checklist for them). There are a few important items your dog will need on a trip, so don’t forget to pack them when you’re doing your own packing!


Your dog must have an information tag on his collar at all times. A tag with his name, your name and contact details is perfect in case your little friend gets lost or is naughty enough to run off here and there.

Vaccination and health records

You’ll need your dog’s records for travel as well as for checking in to the pet-friendly hotel, or a kennel you’ll be leaving your dog at for the time being. If you’re traveling by flight, the airline will ask to see the records to make sure your dog is good to travel, and hotels and kennels will want to make sure your dog has the necessary vaccines and is safe to be around other dogs.

Treats and water

Keep plenty of water with you so that there’s no problem when your dog gets thirsty. Water might or might not be available where you are traveling, and it is a basic necessity, so it is better to be safe carrying extra water than to be sorry carrying too little. Treats will keep your dog entertained and will chase away hunger pangs.

First Aid kit

Just like you’re likely to pack a few basic medicines, band-aids and antiseptic for yourself, be certain to pack a kit for your dog as well. The kit should include basic supplies such as bandages, tape, scissors, antiseptic wet wipes, etc.

Dog leash

Always have an extra dog leash with you, in case the one you have is lost or damaged. A leash will help you keep track of your dog and keep him from running away in excitement, with you chasing behind. Retractable dog leashes are the most convenient for travel and sites like yourpetland.com has some useful reviews of such leashes available in the market and which breeds may benefit from different accessories.

Bags for waste disposal

Be sure to carry enough waste disposal baggies- you never know where your dog will need to go, and it can get embarrassing as well as unhygienic to scramble around for sources to dispose of waste in.

Crate and Bedding
Some owners will remember to bring their dog crates or carriers, many think they can forgo this. However, keeping your dog in a crate can keep them from clambering all over you in the car and causing a distraction. Furthermore, some pet-friendly hotels may require you to keep your dog in a crate. To help keep your pooch comfy on the trip you might want to place blankets or perhaps a Bobby Bed inside.


These aren’t necessities, but your dog will be happy to have them along. Dogs often get anxious and a little scared while traveling, and having their favorite toys close to them can be a huge comfort.

This covers most of whatever you will need when traveling with your dog. Other than that, just take care of your loving friend the way you always do. Bon voyage!

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