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How to remove the background of an image using Movavi Photo Editor

Do you want to remove the background of an image, but you’re not sure how to do it? Well, you are reading the indicated article. First of all: do not worry, since removing a fund is probably easier than you think, especially if you have the right software. It should be realized that changing the background image can not be done by everyone but now we have a great tool for it.

Next, we will talk about online applications, such as Movavi Photo Editor, as well as other tools such as Photoshop. Keep reading to know all the details of doing photo background change.

Photoshop has become an icon for the editing process however not everyone has Photoshop ability and unfortunately, replacing the background can not be done just with ordinary editing tools. To eliminate background and transform to PNG files, you can use Movavi Photo Editor with just a few simple steps:

– Prepare the pictures you want to remove the background.

– After you save the pictures you want to process, go to the official website Movavi.

– Click ‘Browse for Images’ and drag any picture you want.

– The next step is to click ‘Change Background’ and your image will change. But if you want to add special effects then the Lasso tool is the next tool that should be used. Set starting point and the line will be directed to the object side as movement of tool. To perform additional effects on the outline, click ‘Next Step’.

The final step is to check the preview of the final image. If you want to color the image then use Mask Brushes. Movavi Photo Editor provides ‘Hair Selection’ to allow you to improvise on hair, bristles in images and so on.

Movavi is the most widely recommended multifunction software by experts. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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