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How easy is it to get a visa to Canada?

The immigration process for varied countries is different. If working for an employer who has another office overseas, arranges for the work permit visa which is usually valid for a period of six months. During this tenure, if the assigned project has been completed, then the employee has to come back or get the visa renewed by the authorizing government embassy. Likewise, for a Canada startup visa or a job seeker’s visa, there are potentially many different pieces to the process of living and working in Canada that might be tricky to navigate, without assistance. Read on to learn more about the permanent residency visa process in Canada.

  • What is a Permanent Resident Visa?

The Canadian government has approved several ways to provide a provincial visa (which is applicable for staying in a particular state) and the All States visa (which is valid across all the different states of Canada.

If an individual wants to apply for a Canadian visa, he/ she can either do it on their own following the enlisted steps given on the Canadian government site or they can seek help from Visa consulting companies who take care of end to end process of application filing and sailing through the Express entry stage in which they wait for invitations from varied states for the Permanent residence.You can get the information online and check the document required. If wishing to settle in province of Quebec; the French speaking province of Canada, you might need different documents. You can search for “visa canadien” and find out how to apply.

The first step as a part of this process is appearing for an exam called the IELTS exam. It is an International English Language testing system which assesses the Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening ability of the individual and gives scoring basis the evaluation. There are band categories defined who gives the individual scoring and this together forms the individual IELTS score which ranges from zero to nine. The expertise level of the individual is marked between these bands, giving a score basis the test. A band level of eight, seven, seven and seven is considered to be the highest for the IELTS exam i.e if an individual scores an eight in listening and a triple seven in the reading, writing and speaking test, the IELTS score is a band 8.

This is considered to be a good score. Likewise, an individual scoring more than an eight and triple seven in the varied sections gets a band score of 9. Both band scores make a good CRS score which in turn helps to apply for the express entry or permanent resident visa

  • What is CRS?

CRS is comprehensive ranking system. It is calculated by adding the IELTS score and the WES evaluation score, check http://www.sandiegodowntown.com/. The WES evaluation is the evaluation of an individual’s academic qualification to give scoring as per the undergraduation or the post graduation degree given by the University/college. The WES or the World education services gives a scoring like double bachelors or masters depending on whether the university is listed on its system.

Ideally, if you are looking at applying for a Canada visa, talking to a professional visa expert for Canada is advisable. Grab all the knowhow of how to apply, documents required and more.

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