The world is now a small place. Travelling from one continent to another is quite easy. The best thing about travelling is meeting people from all over the world. When you travel for a prolonged period of time and have the luxury of spending more than just a few days in one place, you will get to know people, learn about their lives and get a good impression of their culture.

Whenever we meet someone, we exchange names and email addresses and make sure that people subscribe to our blog.

Our website has attracted thousands of readers, some have provided us with valuable information, while others requested our advice. This exchange has simply been great. We now have a family spanning across the world and regularly communicate and visit our friends far and wide.

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  • Weird and Wonderful- Travellers and Natives: If you come from an unusual and little-known place, please get in touch so we can check it out. We are continually looking for exciting new destinations. Equally, if you have discovered a weird and whacky culture or have witnessed wonderful customs or traditions, we are keen to hear about it.
  • Word Art-Bloggers: If you are a crafter of words and write about travel or related topics, be sure to let us know. We like working with other bloggers, exchanging links and growing the blogging family. Those harbouring a blogging career dream will be given lots tips and advice.
  • Invitations to Review: We love checking out venues, restaurants, towns, pubs, villages, hotels, sights, facilities and much more. If you would like us to review your place, please contact us. We will do our best to oblige with a visit, write about our experience and publish it on our website.
  • Wannabe Globetrotters: If you are thinking about quitting your job to travel the world but are slightly scared to take the plunge, do get in touch. We have gone through the entire process and can tell you precisely what it entails.
  • Event Promotion: Event promoters can benefit from contacting us because we will support your work. Whether you are promoting and arts festival in Europe, a sports event in the States or a music festival in Australia, be sure to tell us about it. We may attend and we will definitely mention it on our well-read website.
  • Cross-Cultural Links: We love all things cross-cultural, events, gatherings, community efforts and much more. The world is a melting pot of cultures and we can all greatly benefit from collaborating, learning about each other and sharing experiences.
  • All Other Stuff Too: Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if your reasons for doing so is completely different. Getting surprising requests or information makes our lives all the more interesting.
  • Guest Posting: If you want to submit a guest post then feel free to use the contact form below or you can visit our Write for Us page and you can submit a guest post and read over our guidelines.

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We never send out generic replies or fob you off with a marketing-type email. Instead, we gladly find out about you and your reason for contacting us and reply with pleasure.

Ultimately, travelling is as much about getting to know people as it is about seeing the world. Our community across the world is growing and connecting with you would be great.

I am very open to looking guest posts! So if you want to write for us then don’t be afraid to ask.

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