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Best Places to Visit in Canada in the Spring

The snow is thawing, birds are chirping, the greenery is coming back to life and there’s sunshine in the air; that’s Canada in early spring, and it is a great time to go on vacation. You can visit Canada through the seasons, but if you are on a budget, and you want your money to go further, early spring is a good time.

It’s true that the tourist scene isn’t as quiet as it usually is in winter, but it isn’t as busy as it gets in summer. Better yet, prices haven’t skyrocketed and there aren’t too many tourists about. The weather isn’t too hot, and it’s a great time to be outdoors.

The best thing about Canada in the spring is that you can get everything; you can spend time in the cities or head into the wilderness, you can go skiing or you can have a lake or seaside vacation and soak in some sun. If interested, you can even visit the local dispensaries or websites like westcoastcannabis to order in some quality strains or extracts, to partake on a relaxed walk in the woods.

Canada is a beautiful and scenic country, so you may feel a bit torn when choosing destinations.  Worry not; here are some of the best places to visit in Canada in the spring.

  • Okanagan Valley

Okanagan Valley is a top wine-growing region in British Colombia that enjoys lots of sunshine. There are more than 200 wineries in the region and many of them offer taste tours for tourists.

Some of the most remarkable include Okanagan Crush Pad Winery, Tantalus Vineyards and Ex-Nihilo.

After your rounds in the wineries you can enjoy spectacular days out on hikes, mountain biking, horseback riding in the hills or relax at the luxurious Sundance Guest Ranch dude ranch.

  • Laurentian Mountains

Laurentian Mountains is more than idyllic; it’s fairyland-like. Located in Quebec, it’s where most of North America’s maple syrup comes from. There is beautiful, colorful architecture, and the locals have lots going on in the spring.

Laurentian Mountains is the place to visit if you want to enjoy authentic Canadian cuisine. However, we accidentally learned that this place is worth visiting, thanks to The Marketing Heaven’s social media campaign, in which the authenticity of the Canadian cuisine was especially emphasized. Think treats dunked in maple syrup, homemade pea soup, deep-fried dough, snow-covered in maple syrup (yes, there is such a thing!), salty ham and more.

Outdoors fun includes activities like pony rides, outdoors traditional music gatherings, tractor rides, hikes in the woods and more.

  • Yellowknife

Yellowknife is in the Northwest territories and probably the closest you will get to the North Pole while in Canada. Tourists go there because of the amazing views of the aurora borealis (northern lights).

You can head directly to Aurora Village and rent one of the collection of teepees that are set up to allow you the best views of this magnificent spectacle.

That’s not all; if you drive a short distance out of Aurora Village you can see herds of caribou, the Yellowknife Snow Castle, real igloos and Great Slave Lake’s funky houseboat town.

  • St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

This is possibly one of the most picturesque locations in Canada in the spring. It’s surrounded by pristine forests, fishing villages, Arctic wildlife and great sea views.

The main town, St. John, has restaurants and night clubs, but if you prefer something quieter you should go exploring in Fogo Islands and its environs.

A vacation to Canada in the spring is one you will remember for a long time, but don’t forget that Canada through the seasons has a lot to offer too.

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