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Art Seeing Holidays in Madrid

A Madrid art seeing a holiday is a great way to enjoy the rich culture of Spain. Situated between the mountains and sea, Madrid is a city that caters for the tastes of its visitors. One of the most appealing aspects of a Madrid art seeing holiday is that it will not be expensive. Most visitors come to Madrid and simply rent a holiday apartment.

As a visitor you will see the best Spanish artwork museums in Madrid as well as other large art galleries in Spain. It is not surprising that many art collectors and artists have chosen to base their paintings and sculptures on pieces of local art found in Madrid. There are thousands of art galleries in Madrid, and finding the one you want can be challenging. There are so many art galleries in Madrid and they all cater for different tastes and budgets. You could easily spend all day looking through art galleries in Madrid.

A visit to the Maritime Museum is a fun way to learn more about Spain’s maritime history. This museum explores the fascinating stories of shipping and ports that have shaped Spain’s history. If you like the idea of sailing a traditional Spanish ship, you could try this exciting activity during your visit. You will also find a large collection of mariners’ tools that can be used on a boat.

The pedestrianised streets of Madrid are an exciting way to explore the city. The abundance of colourful shops, bars and restaurants provide the visitors with an excellent chance to purchase unique souvenirs. Another thing that will make a good impression on your trip to Madrid is the ancient street carts. Madrid’s most famous streets include Allee, Plaza Mayor, Beca, Santa Pola and Puerta del Sol.

Madrid art galleries are a great way to purchase authentic art works from some of Spain’s most famous painters and architects. Most visitors are surprised by the number of modern art galleries in Madrid that can be found throughout the city. Many of these galleries feature exclusive artists who display their work in their studios. You can purchase unique artwork from any one of Madrid’s art galleries during your visit to the capital. You can even ask a Madrid art gallery’s information desk for advice about particular artists or specific pieces of art.

During your Madrid art seeing holiday, you can also visit museums and galleries in the outskirts of the city. Madrid is home to the world famous Museum of Modern Art, which is a great place to purchase artwork. Other popular museums and galleries include Madrid Art Museum, National Museum, Guardia Civil, and CCCB (Madrid Museum). Other interesting places to visit while in Madrid include Palacio Real (the main square in the city), Costa Dorada (The Queen’s Park), Plaza Mayor (designed by architect Antonio Gaudi), Prado de Merced (The Public Theater), San Carlos (The Square of Love), Santo Domingo Church, and Capurgana (The Grand Theatre).

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