Online advertising is exploding in popularity. It’s far more effective than traditional advertising and far better value too. The return on investment for advertisers is much greater. No wonder more and more businesses advertisers choose online advertising over print media, TV and radio advertising.

Not Just Any Site

Feasibly, you could purchase advertising space on just about any site. Will your campaign be successful? I don’t know. It all depends on the site you choose. All sites will take your money and publish your ad, few will make sure that your make gains. We are one of them.

There are are millions of websites and blogging sites online, however, not all sites are equal. Some provide excellent advertising packages and look after their clients really well, while others basically just cut and run. They will publish your ad and take your money, but that’s it. End of story.

Because we somewhat rely on our advertisers, we treat them very well. Expanding their client base and achieving an increase of sales are of paramount importance to us. We work hard to optimise the effect of your ad, jointly create and implement a concept and design an ad for you if necessary.

Our 25’000 readers trust us to furnish solid, no-nonsense content and that includes ads by reputable businesses.

We Don’t Suffocate Our Readers with Ads

When I am doing research, I often come across sites that seem to have more ads than solid content. They may have a blog post or two but the website visitors sojourn is marred by countless pop-ups, banners and annoying video ads to an extent that it becomes a pain. It’s impossible to read the text, you are distracted by irrelevant ads and the entire time you spend there is more than just unpleasant.

No wonder, advertisers lament the ad fatigue phenomenon. I blame ruthless site managers who are only interested in making a few buck fast and do not care about the reader experience.

Operating in this fashion is ultimately counterproductive. Readers are smart and will no longer remain on such sites for more than a few seconds.

On our website, we have an entirely different approach. The content remains at the centre of the action and ads are carefully chosen to enhance this content rather than distract from it. By selecting top product and service providers and placing their ads intelligently, we ensure the success of advertising campaigns as well as maintain the quality of our website and blog.

How We Work

We start off by getting to know you and your services and ensuring that our readers form part of your target group. The 25’000 unique monthly readers share and interest in travel and related products and services. Once we have established a viable connection, we discuss your advertising campaign targets and design a package accordingly. You may furnish an ad or have us design an entirely new one.

From the date of publication, we start monitoring website data and the performance of the ad to ensure its success. Advertising on our site is about growing and expanding your business, providing our readers access to top-quality products and services and enhancing the content of our website.

The Feedback

We receive excellent feedback from our advertisers and are confident of supporting you equally well. If ever there are changes necessary, we are flexible enough to implement them. Advertising with us is an organic process of collaboration, campaign development and implementation.

To find out more and receive an information package outlining all the various options, please email us at fill out the contact form below. We look forward to discussing the entire process and co-creating a successful campaign.