We have a great life, get to travel the world and write about it on our website and blog. The world is truly amazing, diverse and beautiful and we continue to explore and discover.

We left Belgium a couple of years ago to dedicate our lives fully to the pursuit of our passions. Prior to that, we had tried to juggle work and travel and at some point, it had become unsustainable. Having itchy feet is great when you are able to travel but a real problem when you are stuck behind an office desk.

Unsurprisingly, we met on the other side of the world, only to discover that we both were from the same area. The stars aligned for us and had us bump into each other at the Great Wall of China. Both of us were ardent solo travellers with a strong belief in solo-adventures, and perhaps the fact we met proves us both right. Naturally, we hooked up, initially just to co-travel for a while. You get to know someone quite well when travelling together. Eating together, being on the same journey and sharing joint experiences foster closeness and falling in love was easy.

Taking the Leap

On our return home, we both had jobs to return to and did so reluctantly. Neither of us was ever truly able to settle back into a normal work routine and we ended up just living for the next trip and the one after that and the one after that again.

I remember going for a drink one night, we had both had a horrendous day at work, and we looked at each other and decided there and then to leave work and travel full-time. We continued to work to save some money and thought of ways to pay for full-time travel. Blogging soon emerged as a viable option. We got in touch with lots of travel bloggers to find out how to monetize a blog. The process seemed quite easy and thankfully, we both enjoy writing.

Our Point-of-Contact – Website and Blog

We set up the website and blog, started planning our extended adventure and quit our jobs. Leaving our family and friends behind was harder than expected. It’s different when you have no official return date. Clearing out our apartment and meeting up with friends and family members to say goodbye was heart-wrenching. We vowed to keep in close contact, unaware that our website and blog would provide us with a point of contact.

From the day of departure, we blogged about all the places we stayed, the mode of transport, the weather, the people we encountered, the food we ate and much more. The blog developed into a travel diary and we invited friends and family to read and keep in touch.

The writing process got even more enjoyable because we were now writing not just to make some money, but also to tell the people we love where we were and what we were doing. Communication was constant through emails, comments and shares.

Initially, we only heard from family and friends but it wasn’t long before we gathered many readers and were in constant contact with fellow travel bloggers.

What We Do Now

We can now make a good living as travel bloggers, get invited to review hotels, restaurants and sights and have the world at our feet. It’s a dream come through and we could never have imagined that life could be so good.

It’s all down to the success of this website. We have made friends all across the world, got to know lots of interesting people and have had the privilege of experiencing many different ways of life across many cultures. The diversity of people, the richness of the cultures, the eclectic ways people communicate and the traditions and customs have broadened our minds and educated us.

Connecting with people from all the corners of the earth and forging cross-cultural friendships have been the salt of our journey.

This website is a gathering ground for lovers of the earth and travel enthusiasts. It’s a place of exchange and interculturalism, a medley of people and places, and we hope to bring you on our journey too.