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5 rules for rent-a-car clients

We present you the most pleasant journey, but you need to be prepared in advance


You have already packed the luggage, you know what your destination is, the tickets are in the drawer in the entrance-hall and you are ready to go on another pleasant journey. You have really exciting days ahead of you, which will be probably shared with friends and relatives, but you should not miss the moment, concerning the transportation that you are going to need abroad.

You will probably choose the variant (which is preferable) to become a client of a rent-a-car company. Your decision is right and you should prepare in advance.

  1. Do not count on an offer at the last moment

For such type of deals you can not expect that you will get a great offer at the last minute, which is sometimes the case when booking a holiday. Finding a car, especially during the summer season could be often difficult. It is advisable to book one early, so you will be calm during your stay and your price will be much more favorable.

  1. Choose a car model

The delicate part here is to decide what the car model that you are going to need is. That is what you have to do, instead of choosing your favorite model that you have always wanted to have but you have just looked it on pictures. The reason for thinking better about this is, first, it will cost you more, and this is not necessary, unless you have to demonstrate higher status, and second – your judgment might not be professional enough, so you can trust the advice that the company would give you. They will correctly take into consideration such details like how many passengers are going to travel with the car, the route and the duration of the trip.

  1. Perfect technical condition, compliance with the law, “become acquainted”    

Here are a few details that really need your attention. You need to examine the car that you are going to rent in order to be sure that everything is ok. After you get acquainted with the car – all control systems should be completely clear to you, you should not forget even a tiniest detail about them, including which side of the car the tank is. And last but not least: you should drive carefully and comply with the law and speed limits.

Remember, if you want to become a client of a rent-a-car firm in Bulgaria and you want a holiday without problems, the requirements are the following:

You can drive the car if you are over 18 years old.

You can not drive children under 12 years on the front seat.

Do not talk on the mobile phone while you are driving, unless you use a hands-free device.

The permissible speed in urban areas is 50 km/h, and outside the urban areas is – 90 km/h, and 130 km/h on the highway.  

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