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5 Great Spots To Eat Pizza In Rome

Rome has always preferred crispier dough over slightly thin and chewy dough. Traditionally, Romans have been avid Pizza lovers and have created various forms of the mouthwatering delicacy. You will find al tagilo (pizza by slice), pinza (ovel-shaped pizza) and tona (round pizza) as street foods.

Thus, a pizza enthusiast will have a great time in Rome. Let’s check out some of the better places to satisfy your pizza cravings in Italy’s capital city.


You just can’t go wrong at Pizzarium. Since 2003, the restaurant has been the most successful pizza by the slice outlet in Rome. The crispy and crunchy dough is made up of superior quality flours which are perfectly hydrated over longer periods.  The place is also famous for changing the toppings numerous times in every day.  They also offer eccentric vegetables and cured meat from biodynamic farms. You will find a new taste in every visit to Pizzarium.

Piccolo Buco

Piccolo Buco means a little hole which is surely very delicious. It is one of the more famous pizza hot spots for locals and travelers alike. The place is closely located to Fontana di Trevi. The dough is carefully leavened for 48 hours that turns into a slightly crunchy and chewy recipe. The fat edges are more preferred by hungry travelers and big-time foodies.  The toppings are discreetly selected from local vegetables. 

La Pratolina

Since opening in 2001, La Pratolina has become a legendary institution serving pizza. It is situated in Prati close to the Vatican. The black interior with checkered tablecloths provides an old school look to the restaurant.  The crunchy dough is made up of OGM free flours and sourdough. Usually, you will get toppings of local products like parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Alto Adige, buffalo mozzarella and ‘nduja spicy sausage. The place is not popular among tourists but is a local’s paradise. It only serves for dinner so we advise you to make advance bookings.

Seu Pizza Illuminati

The pizza serving joint is not even a year old but is known as a hidden gem close to Trastevere. It has quickly risen on the restaurant charts and is known for serving savory gourmet pizza. The pizza combines the traditional crunchy Roman dough with the essence of the chewy Neapolitan pizza.  It happens due to the double leavening method use by the owner. The toppings are extravagant and bold to say the least. They use different flavors and seasonal veggies with head chef’s personal tweaks.  You can watch the chef making pizza from anywhere in the restaurant.

La Gatta Mangiona

If you are not looking for experiments then La Gatta Mangiona is your safest bet in Rome. The restaurant has been serving for more than two decades to its loyal fan base of traditional pizza lovers. The outlet has always been super disciplined about the quality of its ingredients.  La Gatta is also known for using cured duck meat and spiced lard for the first time in Pizza. 

There are numerous other awesome pizza joints and your preference is subjective to your taste. You can check here for more info.

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