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4 Traits Of a Great Business Coach

Choosing a career as a business coach is something that many people choose to do.  Because of the flexibility of hours, the ability to help others who are in need of motivation and guidance, and ultimately because of the possibility of a lot of money, it has the potential to be a profitable career path.

In order to be the best possible business coach that you can be and reach your maximum potential, the first thing you should know is what makes a good coach great.  Here are some of the most important traits that a coach should have.


If you are going to be working as a business coach and serving as a consultant for the information that others need, then you should make sure that your information is credible.  One of the best ways to ensure that your information is credible is by having experience under your belt.

When you can look your client in the eyes and tell them not only how you think they should approach a certain situation, you should also be able to tell them why.  Having credibility means having the life experience and professional experience to back up your guidance.


As a coach, your role is to be able to make your clients believe that they can reach their highest potential.  Your job isn’t to remind them of their limitations and all of the things that could possibly go wrong.  Most people do this quite well on their own which is why they usually seek out the help of a business coach.

Always try to keep a healthy dose of optimism in your client interactions.  Optimism is contagious and can transform someone’s life in the business world.  By focusing on what we can do rather than what we can’t do we can achieve more than we ever expected.

Attention To Detail

It’s important to pay close attention to detail as a business coach and listen to your clients carefully.  If you charge ahead carelessly without hearing out the finest details of their goals then you can risk advising them incorrectly or potentially steering them in the wrong direction.

Along with attention to detail comes being able to remember all of your interactions so that you can follow up with your clients in a timely matter.  Unresponsiveness or long periods of silence are unprofessional.


Make sure that you aren’t only shedding light on what your client is capable of, but showing them things that they haven’t even considered.

A great coach exemplifies greatness in a light which makes their client want to shoot for the stars and emulate their success.  Therefore a top notch coach doesn’t only lead, but ultimately inspires others to become the greatest version of what they are capable of.

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