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4 Tips for Using Booked Accommodation as an Office

When most people take a trip, they go on vacation and spend little time in the accommodation itself. However, some people need to travel for business, and that can mean using the place you’re staying as an office as well as a place to sleep.

Here are just four top tips when you’ll be using your accommodation as an office.

  1. Book an Apartment Instead of a Hotel

You can work in a hotel, but you probably won’t enjoy it. For starters, hotels tend to be noisier, what with housekeeping coming up and down the halls, children running around, and doors slamming at all hours. Serviced apartments are quieter, and they also provide you with a couple of rooms instead of just one. It’s much nicer to have separate spaces for working, sleeping, and eating.

  1. Look for Self-Catered Accommodation

Another point in favour of serviced apartments is the availability of a fully-fitted kitchen. If you’re going to be working from a hotel room, you’ll either have to visit a restaurant or order room service – both options are expensive, and it’s inconvenient to visit a restaurant when you need to get something done. Far better to look for self-catered accommodation. You’ll be able to make yourself meals and snacks without disrupting your work. In case if you have booked a conference room at a hotel for a business meeting, you would prefer not to have the hotel staff interrupt you every few minutes to serve food. In such a case, you can go ahead and get dry snacks, such as cookies or individually wrapped biscuits, that can be placed on the table before the meeting starts. This can ensure that no one disturbs the meeting and you won’t have to worry about refreshments either.

  1. Check the Wi-Fi Situation

Almost all accommodation options offer wi-fi. The problem is that wi-fi isn’t always as good as it needs to be. You might be far from the router, or the speed may be unacceptably slow. Even worse, some places charge extra for the internet. At best they charge by the day; at worse, they charge according to the amount of data you use, which gets expensive when you’re online all day. Check that wi-fi is strong and provided at no added cost.

  1. Look for a Laptop-Friendly Workspace

Sure, you can work at a dining room table or even from a coffee table, but you probably can’t do so for very long before developing a very sore back and wishing for a proper desk and chair. That’s why it’s important to look for accommodation with a laptop-friendly workspace. That means a proper desk and an ergonomic desk chair.

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