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4 Tips For Planning a Destination Bachelorette Party

When you finally decide to tie the knot, it’s tradition for the bride and groom to each throw individual celebrations with their friends.  These are known as Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. The purpose is to enjoy one last night wild and crazy time with your friends out on the town before you settle down in your life as a married woman.

Planning this sort of a party can be incredibly fun since there are all sorts of activities you can choose from.  For an even more exciting time, many brides to opt for a destination Bachelorette party.

Check out these tips if you’re thinking about planning a destination bachelorette throwdown of your own.

Choose An Appropriate Destination

First thing’s first.  You’ll want to choose a destination which is appropriate for the occasion.  Think: Vegas casino, where you play slots and go dancing.  Somewhere like this is probably a lot more appropriate than say, a library in West Virginia.  Since it’s a celebration you’ll want to choose somewhere that you celebrate, right?

Although this is ultimately your party and let’s face it, it’s all about you, it’s important to value the feedback of your friends and bridesmaids who are attending too.  Even though you may have your heart set on a particular place, you should keep your mind open to new ideas.

Ask One Of Your Bridesmaids To Do The Reserving

Rather than putting all of the pressure on yourself, why not ask one of the bridesmaids to do the organizing.  You already have the entire wedding to think about, so allow yourself a little breathing room. That way, you can be able to focus on simply having a good time.

Even though you might be a control freak who wants to be able to have creative control over everything to the last detail, it’s important to let go once in a while.  Accepting help from others is a good virtue to have and you’ll be guaranteed to have more fun with less pressure.

Break Down Costs

Breaking down costs is important for your guests so that they know exactly what they’re getting into. Expecting everyone to have the same budget to work with isn’t realistic, so make sure to be very specific about the total costs from the beginning.

Some people choose to split up costs according to salaries so that it’s more fairly divvied up. Although not everyone may choose to go this route, it may be worth bringing up the idea.  This makes it easier for your friends with more modest resources to be able to fit it into their budget.

Don’t Stress

At the end of the day, it’s a party!  Have a good time and let go. Even though you may want it to be absolutely perfect, don’t stress yourself.  It’s not open heart surgery, it’s a fiesta. It’s important to remember that ultimately it’s about having a fantastic celebration with your friends.

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