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4 Tips For Packing For a Vacation

Going on a vacation means putting everything that you will need for your trip in a suitcase. Some people struggle when it comes to packing and tend to pack too much or too little, While over packing may not seem like a big deal, it’s something that has the potential to ruin your entire trip. Having to travel from place to place with an extremely heavy bag is hard work. Not to mention inconvenient.

In order to avoid stress and make the most out of your trip, try the following packing tips when you start putting your bag together.

Pack For All Weather Conditions

Make sure that you pack an item of clothing for every possible weather condition. Even if you are going to a warm climate you should bring at least one item of clothing for a cold evening. You should also make sure to bring comfortable pants since you never know when you might need some loungewear.

When it comes to trying to maintain a balance between not packing too much but also trying to cover all of the possibilities, you should try to focus on making it compact and with as little bulk as possible. Perhaps you could do this by using traveling vacuum bags to make sure your clothes are taking up even less space. By using vacuum bags, more clothing should fit into the suitcase, ensuring that you have multiple outfit options. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to find that you don’t have what you need for the weather conditions.

Minimize Shoes

When it comes to things weighing down your suitcase shoes are the biggest culprit. Shoes can weigh as much as 8 pounds per pair, so when you start putting a few pairs in your luggage, you can easily take up the majority of your bag’s weight allowance on shoes you may never even wear.

Bring 3 pairs of shoes maximum and this is including the shoes that are on your feet during the plane ride.

Bring Travel Sizes of All Liquids

Rather than putting your full sized toiletries in your checked bag and risking them exploding all over you clothes, buy travel sizes of every product that you use. Not only will you not have to worry about liquids spilling all over your clothing in your bag but you won’t have to check your luggage which can save as much as an hour on waiting.

Leave Room In Your Suitcase

You never know when you are going to find something on your trip which you will want to purchase to take home. If you leave enough room in your bag in order to be able to bring things back, you will thank yourself for it later.

Try leaving some room in your bag that equals about of your bag’s total contents. If you don’t wind up bringing things back at least you still gave yourself the option.

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