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4 Factors To Consider When Going on a Hot Tub Holiday UK

Hot tub holidays in the UK can be great. There’s loads of options these days as the niche becomes more and more popular and travel agents and travel operators are jumping on the band wagon and getting a hot tub installed to bring in that sweet extra cash.
If you’ve decided you want to go on a hot tub holiday, there are a few things you should probably assess before booking anywhere. These factors are important to think about when you’re looking to book. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake, or overlook a fact and end up ruining your holiday.

Time of Year

The great thing about hot tubs is they can be enjoyed at any time of year. In the summer, they’re perfect for relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine or even in the morning to start your day. As they tend to run hot (hence the name), it may not be ideal during scorching temperatures as you’re going to run the risk of overheating.
People don’t normally associate stripping off and jumping in water with winter, but with a hot tub it’s the perfect thing to do! A hot tub holiday UK in the winter will offer you the chance to warm up from the freezing air and relax. It’s the perfect setting if the hot tub is outside, with snow on the ground and a beer in hand.


As hot tubs are perfect all year round, the location isn’t dependent on being somewhere the weather will be warm. The most important thing to decide about location will depend on where you are normally based.
Think about how far you’re willing to travel, how you plan on getting there and where you’re going to stay. If you drive and have a car, this opens up lots more opportunities for where you can go. It takes out the hassle of getting trains/buses.
Choose a general area you’d like to visit and see what public transport goes there and when, then you can start building your travel plan from there.


As the hot tub holiday UK trade has boomed in recent years, more operators than ever are installing tubs and attaching them onto their holiday accommodation. There are options for treehouse holidays UK with hot tub, log cabin holidays UK with hot tub, cottages with hot tubs… the list is endless.
Families may benefit from holidays cottages with a hot tub, as this offers the chance for more space and a homely feel, whereas couples may want to look into something more romantic and private like hot tub lodges.


Whether you want to go all out and splash out or keep in modest and thrifty, there is something for everyone with a hot tub holiday. Having the luxury of a private hot tub doesn’t mean that the price is going to skyrocket. In fact, cheap hot tub breaks aren’t even that hard to come by. There are offers and deals aplenty in cyberspace.
Set a budget for how much you want to spend and there will almost definitely be something available within that price range.
There is so much choice for a UK hot tub holiday, don’t be put off by thinking it is going to be expensive or too far away. Take a second to shop around and you’ll be able to find the perfect hot tub break for you.

Here’s a great guide on how to have the best hot tub holiday in the UK. There’s tonnes of advice from how to have the perfect break with your partner to all the different types of accommodation that are on offer.

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