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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied on a Long Train Journey

There is something wonderful about traveling by train. It’s a unique mode of transport that can often be forgotten about when you’re planning your trip across the country, especially when a plane will get you to your destination much more quickly, and a car gives you more control.

However, if you are more interested in the journey than the destination – or you’re equally invested in both – and you want to be able to enjoy watching the countryside go by rather than having to be completely concentrated on the road ahead and nothing else, the train is a fantastic option that can really give your traveling the edge it needs. Yet sometimes a train journey can be a long one, depending on where you are going, and although the scenery is lovely you might need something to occupy yourself for at least a portion of the trip. Here are some ideas that you’ll love.

Coloring In

Isn’t coloring in for kids? Perhaps originally, but many adults have continued to love coloring in in their older years, and it’s a wonderful and creative way to pass the time. It’s seen as a kind of therapy, allowing you to completely focus on what you are doing and stop worrying about hotxxx.cc anything else that might be a problem in your life.

They even make adult coloring books, so you don’t have to use one that’s made for kids (although there’s nothing to stop you from doing that if you want to – the choice is yours). Pack a coloring books and some pencils and you can enjoy some calming coloring to pass the time.

Watch Sports

Modern technology has made it possible to have entertainment with us wherever we go and that means on a long train journey too. One of the best things you can do that will certainly keep you entertained is to watch sports. There are a number of options to consider including live streaming so you never have to miss a moment of a game, or downloading a game from earlier to watch at your leisure. You might even be able to search out videos that show you the best parts from a variety of games. 

We would recommend taking some headphones or earphones with you, of course. You don’t want to be the person on the train who annoys the other passengers because they play their sporting video and live streams of games out loud.

Read a Book

No matter how much you might enjoy reading, finding the time to truly get into a book and have a good few hours to read a story is rare. You might be able to find 10 minutes here and there, perhaps at bedtime or on your lunch break, but being able to dedicate a number of hours to your reading is unusual these days.

The long train journey you’re planning will give you that time. You can really enjoy the moment, losing yourself in the story for as long as you want to.

If you want to take more than one book, that can start to make your bag heavy. An alternative is an e-reader so you can have access to millions of books, or download an app that will allow you to listen to books being read to you.

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