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Hi folks! We are a happy couple from Belgium, who decided to leave our cozy home in Antwerp in favor of discovering the magic of faraway lands. Our thirst for adventure calls to us and we are always looking for new interesting places to visit.

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3 Tips for Staying Happy At Home After A Great Vacation

Many people have heard the studies stating that it’s been found that the anticipation of an upcoming trip is often more helpful for your mental well-being than the actual trip. And while this may be true is some cases, it’s almost always true that once you get back from your travels, you almost immediately drop back to the same quality of life you had before you went on your trip. But if you could somehow keep those vacation vibes for a longer period of time, you may come to find that you have a better outlook on life, a more positive attitude, and more appreciation for the travels you were able to do. So to help make the above scenario a reality, here are three tips for staying happy at home after a great vacation.  13

Tell Your Stories To Whoever Will Listen

When you’ve experienced something life-changing, it’s only natural to feel a void when that experience is over. But luckily, there are a few ways you can fill that void and keep experiencing the feelings from that time. One of the best way to do this, according to Jesse Singal, a contributor to CNN, is to recount stories from that time to others. By sharing the stories of your travels, you will essentially be reliving those moments. In your mind, you’ll remember the sights, smells, emotions, and feelings that accompanied those events. By tapping back into those memories, you’ll be tapping into the happy part of yourself that was there experiencing those things and bringing a piece of them back into your current life.

Purchase Meaningful And Useful Souvenirs

Almost anything that allows you to mentally travel back to the times you were on vacation and experiencing a happier moment of your life will help to improve your mood in the present. Another great way to do this, according to Stephanie Rosenbloom, a contributor to the New York Times, is to purchase something on your travels that you’ll either see or use on a regular basis. Upon viewing or using this item, you’ll be reminded of the time you spent on your vacation and the experiences you had. If only for a few minutes out of your day, it will be like you’re transported back to that time and place merely by interacting with the souvenir you bought there.

Increase Your Activity Level

The activities you participate in when you’re traveling are often vastly different than what you do in your everyday life. According to Rita Anya Nara, a contributor to the Huffington Post, these traveling activities usually require you to be more active, like walking around the city or hiking up a famous mountain. This activity can make people feel both physically and mentally better than they felt when at home. So to keep these feelings going, consider increasing your activity level once you return home as well.

If you’ve experienced a slump in your mood after returning home from a past vacation, use the tips mentioned above to hold onto those happy traveling feelings even once you return home.

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