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3 Things To Teach Your Kids Before They Start Traveling On Their Own

If you love to travel, this is likely something that you’re going to instill in your children from a young age. However, the risks and adventures you feel comfortable with for yourself might not be the same when you’re thinking about your kids participating in similar things. So to help ensure that your kids are going to be safe when they’re out traveling without you by their side, here are three things you should teach them that will help them be safe when traveling on their own.

Be Smart When Partaking In Drugs or Alcohol

As your children grow, it’s very likely that they’ll experiment with some type of drugs or alcohol at some point in their life. Because of this, it’s a good idea for you to prepare your kids for doing so safely, especially if they’ll be traveling to a country where the laws regarding these substances are less strict. According to Diana Rodriguez, a contributor to Everyday Health, you inform your kids of how to stay safe when indulging. Part of this should involve not driving while under the influence, knowing the people they’re with, and ensuring that they’re able to remain responsible. While you might encourage them to avoid these types of behaviors, it can be very helpful for them to at least know how to stay safe if they do choose to participate in them.

Use The Buddy System As Much As Possible

Especially when your child is still young, like a teen or young adult, it can be much safer for him or her to travel with at least one other person when going on a trip. According to Traci L. Suppa, a contributor to FamilyVacationCritic.com, it’s always safer to use the buddy system, to be fully accredited and insured and never go anywhere completely on your own. Even if they’re just walking around a new city or going to get some food, encourage your child to always take someone with them so they can have more safety in numbers.

Don’t Broadcast Your Unfamiliarity

When visiting an area that’s unfamiliar, it’s common to get a little confused or mixed up and need to double-check where you are or what you’re doing. However, when doing this, it can often be a sign to those around you that you’re out of your element and, therefore, an easy target. To keep your kids from falling into this situation, Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick, a contributor to SheKnows.com, advises that you teach your kids how to blend in and not flaunt themselves as tourists. This should include doing things like keeping their money and maps tucked away, not carrying around large cameras, and wearing clothes that will help them look like a local.

If you have an older child that’s wanting to go traveling without you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help prepare him or her to be safe on this adventure.

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